Penn Energy Codes Toolkit

Energy Code Toolkit

Below you will find energy code checklists, forms, and guidebooks to improve your knowledge and ensure compliance within the state of Pennsylvania.


Recent webinar: New Tools for Quick Residential Energy Code Enforcement

Email Brandon at to request an archived webinar recording or slide deck.

  • Pennsylvania Residential Energy Code Field Study: How Are We Doing?
  • Using the E-CODE Assistant: An iPad-Based Energy Code Checklist and Educational Tool
  • Builders, Code Officials, and Home Energy Raters Working Together
  • Understanding Blower Door Testing and Documenting Results
  • Understanding Duct Leakage Testing and Documenting Results
  • Flaws and Fudging HVAC Equipment Sizing Calculations
  • Insulation Installation – A Tongue Twister and Construction Kicker
  • Understanding REScheck and the Simulated Performance Alternative
  • Energy Code Plan Reviews and Bullet Proof Submittals
  • Important (But Commonly Missed) Air Barrier Details
  • Going Beyond Code – Above Code Programs and The Future of Energy Efficient Housing

The 2009 IECC – Online Version

  • You don’t have to take our word for it, learn about the energy code straight from the horse’s mouth.

Success with Energy Code Field Guides for Builders and Trades

  • 2009 IECC-based field guides with side-by-side images of correct and incorrect installations for each phase of construction.

Success with Energy Code Field Guides for Code Officials

  • 2009 IECC-based field guides with side-by-side images of correct and incorrect installations for each phase of construction.

2009 IECC Air Barrier and Insulation Inspection Criteria

  • Table 402.4.2 and accompanying illustrations

REScheckTM Plan Review – Quick Reference Guide

  • A step-by-step guide for reviewing a RESCheck compliance certificate

Energy Code Resource Guides

  • Residential energy code compliance guide for code officials, an air leakage guide, and other resources
  • Prove your homes are efficient with the Home Energy Rating System (HERS)


Building Efficiency Videos from WSU

  • Watch videos on duct sealing, air sealing, and ventilation from Washington State University. This isn’t Washington but basic concepts still apply.

Air Barrier and Insulation Criteria Videos

  • Watch videos that cover the IECC’s Air Barrier and Insulation Criteria featuring the Penn Energy Codes Program Manager from his time with the PHRC at Penn State with support from the PA Department of Environmental Protection and Pennsylvania Construction Codes Academy.

Batt Insulation Installation Guides

  • Critical details and tech tips for installation insulation for optimal performance and code compliance. Photographs, videos, and articles from the North American Insulation Manufacturer’s Association (NAIMA).

Building America Solution Center

  • Sales tools, CAD, files, image gallery, case studies, videos, and publications.

RESNET – Shedding some light on Energy Efficient Lighting

CAD Details from

  • Air barrier, air sealing, and insulation construction details.

PA IECC Changes Effective 12-31-15

Updates include:

  • Section R202 only to the extent that this section contains the definition of ”insulated siding”
  • Section R402.2.4 (relating to access hatches and doors)
  • Section R402.2.8 (relating to floors)
  • Table R402.4.1.1 only to the extent the row for ”floors” was amended
  • Section 402.1.3 (relating to r-value computation)

Building Science Corporation

  • No Sweat Ductwork PDF
    • Information about ductwork placement and best conditions for efficiency.
  • Duct Dynasty PDF
    • Information about ductwork placement and best conditions for efficiency.

The Pennsylvania Construction Codes Academy

  • PCCA hosts Residential Energy Code Academy programs each year geared toward code officials seeking to obtain their energy code certifications or anyone who wants to learn more about the energy codes. Check out their website for upcoming programs.

Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Information

  • Visit the PA Department of Labor and Industry’s UCC website for information on UCC regulations and statutes, adopted code, listings of certified code officials, third party agencies, continuing education providers, and other information.

Building Energy Codes Program Resource Center

  • Code notes, technical articles and support documents, download REScheck and more.

Building Science Corporation

  • Articles, guides, and popular building energy and moisture related topics
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